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♥ Sasha is Snoop Dogg’s cousin
♥ Her favorite wrestler is Eddie Guerrero
♥ Sasha is a huge fan of east Asian pop culture. She loves K-pop citing Korean artists such as Rain, Taeyang, and G-Dragon as some of her favorites
♥ Fan of Sailor Moon
♥ Sasha married long time partner Sarath Ton (aka Mikaze) on August 4, 2016
♥ Youngest female champion at 24 years old
♥ ‘Rolling Stone’ Future Diva of the Year (2015)
♥ Sasha started to train in 2008 at Chaotic Wrestling in Massachusetts
♥ Sasha tried out for the WWE on August 18th, 2012 and quickly got signed
♥ Sasha wrestled Charlotte Flair in the First Ever Womens Hell in the Cell match
♥ That match was also a Pay Per View main event, a first for the womens division
♥ Her favorite trainer was Norman Smiley
♥ She was in the first Iron Woman Match in WWE history

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